Fort Polk Guardian 02-08-2019

NewScope Tax help The Fort Polk Tax Center, located in bldg 2502, Alabama Avenue, is open Monday through Wednesday and Fridays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Thursdays from 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. (except from noon-1 p.m.), and Satur- days from 9 a.m.-noon by appointment only. Call 531-1040 for an appointment. Nominations due Nominations are due Feb. 21 for Volun- teer of the Year. Nominees must be regis- tered in the Volunteer Management Infor- mation System and have certified, logged hours for the period Jan. 1-Dec. 18, 2018. Volunteer hours must be logged prior to submission of the nomination. To register for the VMIS go to www.myarmyone- Call 531-1895 for details Clinic relocates The Women’s Health Clinic and OB/GYN at Bayne-Jones Army Communi- ty Hospital relocates from the fourth to the fifth floor opposite the mixed medical sur- gical ward Feb. 25. Telephone numbers re- main the same. BJACH hours Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital clinics, lab, radiology and pharmacy open at 1 p.m. Feb. 15. and are closed Feb. 18. The dining facility opens at 11 a.m. Feb. 15 for lunch (no breakfast hours). Entrance B doors remain locked Feb. 15 until 12:45 p.m. Weingarten notice Title 5 of the United States Code, section 7114(a)(2)(B), Representation Rights and Duties, provides that when an agency rep- resentative questions a bargaining unit em- ployee, and the employee reasonably be- lieves the questioning may result in disci- plinary action against that employee and the employee requests union representa- tion, the employee is entitled to representa- tion if the investigation continues. Once the employee requests union representation, management has three options: • Grant the request and notify the union that a meeting to examine a bargaining unit employee is going to take place and that the employee has requested union rep- resentation; • Stop questioning the employee and continue the investigation without inter- viewing that employee; or • Offer the employee a clear choice to ei- ther continue the interview without repre- sentation or have no interview. More information is available at . Briefs Guardian Feb. 8, 2019 /3 DAP Continued from page 2 PAO, DPTMS and I have all made good use of the experience. This trifecta of wins shows that DAP is a benefit to the U.S. Army because of its influence on the workforce (strengthening skills, abilities and resilience in preparation for more re- sponsibilities and greater challenges) and instal- lation directorates (by building breadth across the full spectrum of command through a diverse- ly experienced pool of employees). Thinking about giving it a try? I whole-hearti- ly recommend doing so. It can be a great way to burst out of your routine and learn new skills. If you are considering whether or not you should let an employee leave to participate in DAP, you should — you will get a better employee in re- turn. If you have doubts about accepting a DAP candidate into your directorate, fear not — those who enter DAP are hard-working, willing people looking for new experiences. Give them the bene- fit of your experience, share your knowledge, help mold that individual to be more than they thought possible. My time at the IOC has been a highlight of my career. Support the DAP — keep critical skill sets and talent in the Army Civilian Corps FORT POLK, La. — If you use smokeless to- bacco and have decided that you would like to kick that unhealthy habit, here’s some helpful tips to assist you and why you should quit. Four reasons to quit smokeless tobacco 1. A one-can-a-day habit can cost more than $1,100 a year. Save yourself that ex- tra cash and jot down a few other items you can use the money for instead. 2. Smokeless tobac- co is just as addictive as cigarettes. Swap- ping out cigarettes for dip isn’t a healthy trade off. Dip actually contains more nico- tine than cigarettes and is absorbed at a faster rate. 3. Nicotine de- creases muscle strength and increas- es blood pressure. Don’t hurt that peak performance shape you’re in. Instead, put down the chew and snack on some sunflower seeds or an apple. Your mouth is always used to having that chew sitting there so you’ll have to form a “survival kit.” If you would like more information on how to configure your tailored made survival kit, just give Health Pro- motion a call at 531-6880. 4. Smokeless tobacco can stain your teeth and cause tooth decay. Myths vs. facts about smokeless tobacco • Myth : Smokeless tobacco won’t affect my mouth like cigarettes can. Fact : Smokeless tobacco can stain your teeth, cause bad breath and make your teeth fall out. • Myth : I can quit smoking by using smoke- less tobacco instead. Fact : Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as other tobacco products like cigarettes. In fact, us- ing dip for 30 minutes is the same as smoking about three cigarettes. • Myth : Smokeless tobacco does not impact my sexual health and performance. Fact : Using tobacco narrows your blood ves- sels, which can negatively impact sexual per- formance and cause erectile dysfunction. • Myth : I only smoke a few cigarettes each day and use smoke- less tobacco the rest of the time. This is healthier. Fact : Smokeless to- bacco is harmful and puts you at risk for many of the same heart conditions and cancers as smoking. It can also increase your risk for oral health issues like tooth decay and mouth cancer. • Myth : I can use smokeless tobacco anywhere since there’s no smoke to bother anyone. Fact : All forms of tobacco, including smokeless, must be used in Department of De- fense designated tobacco use areas only. • Myth : Smokeless tobacco won’t hurt my physical fitness or slow me down. Fact : Workouts and drills are tougher when you are actively chewing or dipping because smokeless tobacco immediately increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Plus, the nicotine in smokeless tobacco decreases muscle strength. There’s no better present for Valentine’s Day for your significant other than the gift of quitting tobacco. Find a reason within yourself and just go for it; a fresh start, a fresh mouth and a totally fresh new look on a healthier lifestyle! BJACH Health Promotion Tobacco Cessation Class will teach you incredible and exciting tech- niques along your journey to become tobacco free. Give them a call at 531-6880. Give gift of tobacco-free living this Valentine’s Day By GENEVA MERIDITH BJACH X