Fort Polk Guardian 02-08-2019

WARRIOR SPIRIT FORGING THE JRTC & FORT POLK GUARDIAN THE Home of Heroes @ Fort Polk, LA Feb. 8, 2019 Vol. 46, No. 6 Inside the Guardian Developing leaders ...... 2 Stop spitting in cups ... 3 3/10 Pre-Rangers ........ 7 Playmorning pics ..... 10 Valentine’s Day facts 11 Kids’ dental health ... 15 Weekend weather Today Thursday Friday 47 47 67 35 20% 20% 20% 41 57 Rain chance Rain chance Rain chance FORT POLK, La. — An invaluable resource for the Fort Polk community when it comes to easing the burdens of financial anxiety that comes with tax season, is the Fort Polk Tax Center. The cen- ter’s grand opening took place Feb. 4 with a rib- bon-cutting ceremony and began accepting clients Feb. 5. Assisting in the ribbon cutting ceremony, Col. Jarett A. Thomas II, Fort Polk garrison command- er, said he is excited about the great things the Tax Center can do for Fort Polk Soldiers. “We talk about world-class training at Fort Polk, but this is an opportunity to provide world- class support to our Soldiers and Family mem- bers. You do great things here and we really ap- preciate your efforts,” he said. Thomas said though he was sure the center would run across some complicated tax situa- tions as the season progresses, he was confident in the training the tax preparers, volunteers from across Fort Polk, had received and that they were ready to begin. “I know all of you love taking care of Soldiers and that’s what it’s all about,” he said. Some of those complex situations might have to do with the overhaul of the tax regulations in 2018. Understanding the twists and turns of tax information on your own can be confusing. That’s another reason why it’s good to have the help of the Fort Polk Tax Center, bldg 2502, Ala- bama Avenue. Exemptions and deductions are different this year, said Capt. Tara Scanlon, Tax Center officer in charge. She said people would no longer get exemp- tions for spouses, children or themselves and that many who come in will have outdated W-4s with folks not withholding enough or too much after the tax laws changed. That can make a difference File taxes free at Fort PolkTax Center ANGIE THORNE / GUARDIAN Soldiers, spouses, retirees: Please see Tax , page 7 By ANGIE THORNE Guardian staff writer As Fort PolkTax Center preparers look on, Capt. Tara Scanlon, Tax Center officer in charge, (left) works with Col. Jarrett A. Thomas II, Fort Polk garrison commander, (center) and Command Sgt. Maj. DavidW. Bass, Joint ReadinessTraining Center and Fort Polk command sergeant major, to cut the ribbon at a grand opening ceremony held at the Tax Center in bldg 2502, Ala- bama Avenue, Feb. 4.