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Jarrett Thomas II Garrison commander Kim Reischling Public affairs officer Chuck Cannon Editor Jean Dubiel Angie Thorne Staff writers Editorial Offices Building 4919, Magnolia Street Fort Polk, LA 71459-5060 Voice (337) 531-4033 Fax (337) 531-1401 Email: Trading post ads: Fort Polk Homepage Advertising For advertising contact (337) 404-7242 Email: sales@ Guardian April 12, 2019 Editor’s note: Jean Graves, Public Affairs Office, took a professional development opportunity in Wash- ington, D.C. March 10-14. In the edi- torial below she writes about a few of here experiences. FORT POLK, La. —As I found myself heading the wrong direction on the Washington D.C. Metro at 6 p.m. on Mar. 10, I started wondering what I was doing and longing to be home with my husband, son and dogs. After going the wrong direction for fifteen min- utes, I decided to get on with it. I jumped off the train at the next stop and got on one heading in the cor- rect direction. After a full day of travel from Fort Polk, to our nations’ Capitol, I arrived at my hotel off DuPont Circle just in time for a com- plimentary glass of wine. I was here for a training opportu- nity, the Congressional Operations Seminar offered by the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown Uni- versity. I would be attending class across the street from the U.S. Capi- tol in the Rayburn House of Repre- sentatives Office building for the week. I was excited for the opportu- nity to learn more about the legisla- tive process, interact with my elected representative and his staff and im- prove my understanding of the rela- tionship between the Army, the leg- islative branch of government — all to improve my role as a public af- fairs specialist on the community re- lations team. Early on in my career I learned the importance of taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Opportunities come in a variety of forms: Train- ing, work or volunteerism. New and chal- lenging assign- ments on the job or in personal en- deavors with continuing educational units, certifications and advanced degree programs are all opportuni- ties I’ve taken advantage of along the way. Joining the Army was an opportu- nity I took advantage of, too. After college I discovered a bachelor’s de- gree in history and sociology was not as valuable as the tuition I paid would suggest. Despite a degree from a prestigious university, I found myself struggling in the real world. In 1996 the Army had a pro- gram called student loan repayment, and you best believe that was an op- portunity I eagerly took. The Army, to me, was not only a means to pay off my student loan debt, but a way for me to serve my country and gain discipline and direction that I was desperately needing. Unlike my friends from college, I was an Army veteran and spouse who moved around the country and world with my Soldier. Every move forced me to reinvent myself profes- sionally and sell my skills to my next employer by illustrating how what I did at a previous installation and or- ganization translated to the new or- ganization. Every opportunity filled holes in my resume and showed po- tential employers that not only do I have what it takes to enhance their organization, I am willing and able to take the necessary steps to im- prove myself professionally. My re- sume is long and varied. I’ve worked as a secretary, program oper- ations specialist, human resources supervisor, administrative officer, ca- sualty notification and assistance trainer, an education counselor, pro- gram director and transition service specialist. Each job was unique and rewarding, but keeping up-to-date on training was always important Commentary By Jean Clavette Graves Public affairs specialist Please see Find, page 4 Find opportunities everywhere, just take them In our view Guardian staff asked Fort Polk community members, “Who is your favorite cartoon charcter and why?” Here are their responses: Darlene Goit: "I like Bugs Bunny. My dad passed away when I was 4 and I have fond memories of watching those car- toons with him when he came home from work." Staff Sgt. Steven Salas: "Rock Lee, from the Naruto se- ries. He is a powerful ninja without the benefit of super pow- ers. I like that he works hard to be one of the best." Staff Sgt. Larry Os- che: "I've always likedTom and Jerry. It's quick, funny hu- mor and I don't have to worry about a plot or storyline." Pierce Matthews: "I like Zuko from Avatar:The Last Air Bender. He started out as a bad guy, but by the end he was the good guy. I liked that he could grow and change." 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