Fort Polk Guardian 05-10-2019

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Jarrett Thomas II Garrison commander Kim Reischling Public affairs officer Chuck Cannon Editor Jean Dubiel Angie Thorne Staff writers Editorial Offices Building 4919, Magnolia Street Fort Polk, LA 71459-5060 Voice (337) 531-4033 Fax (337) 531-1401 Email: Trading post ads: Fort Polk Homepage Advertising For advertising contact (337) 404-7242 Email: Guardian May 10, 2019 In our view Guardian staff asked Fort Polk community members, “What’s your favorite thing to eat at the dining facility?” Pvt. Marcos Salas: "Breakfast foods are my favorite." Cpl. Kiara Feliciano: "The spaghetti with meat sauce." Sgt. Cody Hostetler: "Pecan- crusted fish was always my fa- vorite." Pfc. Susan Gomez: "I like the breakfasts, especially the om- lette bar." Spc. Latasha Davis: "I like Soul FoodThursdays at Guardian Inn." Cpl. Luis Sotogarcia: "The meat- loaf is worth the trip." Pfc. Matthew McGee: "I like the shredded potato hash browns." Fort Polk’s Patriot Inn Dining Facility in bldg 1162 off of Alabama Avenue (be- hind Glory Chapel) reopens Monday at 11:15 a.m. with an official ribbon cutting. The grand reopening meal includes: Steak, turkey, crab legs and fried shrimp, along with twice baked potatoes, rice pilaf, grilled asparagus, corn on the cob and fried okra. The salad bar includes potato, tossed, spinach and macaroni salads, cornbread and hot rolls. Desserts include cheesecake, various pies, banana pudding and chocolate chip cookies. Meal price is $5.60 for Soldiers E-5 and above and their Families and Department of the Army civilians. Soldiers E-4 and below and their Family members pay $4.25. For more information call 531-1239. Patriot Inn reopens Monday r i , i ili t - i , i t i li ti f f t . . . t t f t r i t il ffi i l i f, - , t . . t, - partment of Defense, Department of t t l . r i i li l t li ff i ffi , i t i i i t t l . i t i l ti i , . t i ti i t i li ti ll il l for purchase, use o t it - t t , l , li i , , ti l i i , , it l t t , i l i , liti l ffili ti t it f t f t , t . fi i l ti f t i li f l t it - ti ill lt i t f l t i t ti i f t t . ll it i l t t f t r i i , it , - i t li f- f i ffi , i t i i i t t l . r i i i t t Natchitoches Times , a private firm i t it t t- t f t , l i itt t t it t l . i ili i t i i l f - i l ti i . f ti i i t i li ti , i l i i t l t , t tit t - t t t t f t Army or the Natchitoches Times of t t i ti . . . . i t i r i i t r rt l i r l . rri r li ff ir ffi r it r t ff rit r it i l i il i , li tr t rt l , i ( ) ( ) il: i rl . i li . r . il r i t : tr i t . t l tt :// .jrt l . r . il i i r rti i t t ( ) - il: l t f rt l r i . r i a 3, 2019 Guardian staff asked Fo t Polk community members, “What mak s someone a good leader?” Here are their responses: Master Sgt. Roger Green: "Someone who doesn't forget the trials and tribulations of being a junior Soldier, can ap- ply their experi- ence to their leadership style, and knows when to employ empathy versu sympathy." Sgt. 1st Class Eric Hayes: "A good leader is someone that doesn't ask their Soldiers to do something that they would- n't do themeselves." First Sgt. Yolanda Brownlee: "Someone who takes care of Soldiers first, trains and leads them a d enforces the stan- dards." vt. Hele N gales: “A good leader maintains their profes sionalism and has accountabili- ty and credibility — people need to be able to trust you.” Staff Sgt. Shelly Anderson: “Good leaders are those that lead from the front. I will not tell a Soldier to do something that I would not do myself.” Spc. Joshua Mc- Donnell: “I just became a leader myself, and I think it’s impor- tant to take a hands-on ap- proach and coach Soldiers with what they are do- ing rather than sitting behind a desk and waiting for them to come to you.” Capt. Irwin Joh s n: "S me- one who sets the standard and leads by example — practice what you preach." Dorissa Tschett r: “Some- body that is appro c a le a d willing to help Soldiers by showing them what to do in- stead of just telling them what to do.” For advertising contact Theresa Larue Email: sales