Fort Polk Guardian 07-06-2018

16/ Guardian July 6, 2018 I am o�en asked why I chose to pursue a career working in Federally Qualified Health Centers. I made this career choice because I find the mission, vision and community service commitment of Federally Qualified Health Centers to be perfectly aligned with my morals, values, spiritual convic�ons and selfless leadership community service commitment. In fact, I don’t see working as the Chief Execu�ve Officer of a Community Health Center as a job; but rather a part of my spiritual ministry journey. Coming from a family of dis�nguished military officers and myself serving as a United States Naval Officer (Medical Service Corp Officer); when I came off of ac�ve duty in 1991; I found myself wondering “what’s next?” as far as my career was concerned. I had spent three years on ac�ve duty running mul�-million dollar medical clinics in the Navy; even being afforded the opportunity to serve as the Commanding Officer of two Batallion medical clinics - and I loved these jobs. I loved the idea of being there to help people when they needed help the most. Long story short, it was Federally Qualified Health Centers that propelled my Execu�ve C-suite career and the rest, as they say, is history. To date, I have had the dis�nct pleasure of serving as the Chief Execu�ve Officer of six mul�- million dollar, mul�-site Federally Qualified Health Centers and I have loved and thoroughly enjoyed every challenge and experience associated with these opportuni�es. Let me give you 10 reasons why working in a Federally Qualified Health Center is so uniquely and richly rewarding: • You can see firsthand how your health center services are making a posi�ve difference in the lives of the community - every day. • You can see firsthand how your health center services are helping to employ people from the local community - every day. • You can see firsthand the social equality impact your health center services are making within the community every day. • You become excep�onally prudent at leveraging your limited dollars to have the greatest community impact eleva�ng the social, health and economic condi�on of your community. • You have the opportunity to work with and lead wonderful, gi�ed, dedicated and compassionate health center staff, commi�ed to posi�vely touching the lives of your valued pa�ents. • You have the privilege of having your pa�ents as the board governing body of the health system. The Community Health Center Model is one that was built for the people; serves the people and is governed by the people it serves. • You see the gra�fica�on in your pa�ents’ eyes knowing they are in good hands when you walk by them to say good morning/a�ernoon to them. • You get to see the compassionate manner with which your dedicated staff care for your pa�ents every day. • You know that if your health center wasn’t there, thousands of families would have nowhere to go to receive cost-effec�ve, culturally sensi�ve and compassionate healthcare services. • You get to go home every day knowing because you care; because your dedicated staff care - you truly make a posi�ve difference in the lives of the pa�ents you’re privileged to care for. This is the community service mission of our 35 statewide Community Health Centers (who collec�vely pump almost half a billion dollars into our state’s economic engine annually) - to improve the health, well-being, social and economic condi�on of the state communi�es we are privileged to be in. I close encouraging everyone who reads this, to be proud of your Community Health Center; to ac�vely support your Community Health Center - because when you do, you help keep your family and you healthy; your community healthy; provide jobs for your community and strengthen your community. And from where I sit, this is what every Federally Qualified Health Center across the na�on/state does - make a posi�ve difference in the lives of valued community families we are privileged to care for. Be well; be informed; be healthy and be in touch. Carl I. Walters II currently serves as the Chief Execu�ve Officer of Outpa�ent Medical Center Inc. (OMC). He has been in healthcare opera�ons for close to 30 years, the majority of which has been in execu�ve leadership roles. He holds a B.S. Degree in Hospital Administra�on from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah and a Masters of Arts degree in Organiza�onal Management from the University of Phoenix in Ogden, Utah. He has been recognized at the state and federal level for his health system turnaround exper�se. He is also a former United States Naval Officer with command experience. Outpa�ent Medical Center Inc. (OMC) operates four health centers located in Natchitoches, Leesville and Tallulah. OMC provides family medical care, dental care, behavioral health services, and pharmacy services. They employ close to 100 employees and operate off a $7 million (and growing) opera�ng budget. They are PCMH Level 2 recognized and The Joint Commission accredited. Making a Posi�ve Difference: The Community Health Center as a Force for Good By: Carl I. Walters II, Chief Execu�ve Officer, Outpa�ent Medical Center Inc. About the Author Outpatient Medical Center, Inc. Providing Quality Healthcare To All Leesville 908 South 10th St. Leesville, LA 71446 1-800-308-7569 Tallulah 804 Beech St. Tallulah, LA 71282 1-800-308-7566 Natchitoches 1640 Breazeale Springs St. Natchitoches, LA 71457 1-800-268-5872 To learn more about OMC, Inc. visit our website at www.outpa � Now offering Nexplanon insertion and removal. OMC is dedicated to providing everyone with the highest quality healthcare possible. Because of that, we accept Medicare, Medicaid, Verity Health Plan, commercial insurance, and non-insurance patients. We also offer Certified Medicare Counseling through our SHIIP programs for any our of our Medicare patients who may have questions about their benefits and Substance Abuse Counseling for our patients who struggle with addiction. 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