Fort Polk Guardian 11-01-2019

FORT POLK, La. — Soldiers assigned to the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk are leading the way as the Army transitions from the Army Physical Fitness Test to the Army Combat Fitness Test. Slated to be the standard fitness test for Sol- diers beginning Oct. 1, 2020, every JRTC and Fort Polk Soldier will take the test by the end of No- vember with a second test scheduled for April. The ACFT prepares Soldiers for the rigors of combat. The new test will take time for Soldiers to learn and acquire equipment and facilities to exe- cute the test. Soldiers assigned to JRTC and Fort Polk will take the ACFT prior to Thanksgiving so they can complete the familiarization process of the new test. The new test is age- and gender-neutral, and measures strength and conditioning that accu- rately mimics the movements necessary on the battlefield. The JRTC command team and staff executed the ACFT on Oct. 21. JRTC and Fort Polk has a total of 14 level three ACFT trained Soldiers who can conduct ACFT validation training in a three-day training event that prepares graders, OICs and NCOICs for the Army's new fitness test. JRTC and Fort Polk also has 25 level two ACFT WARRIOR SPIRIT FORGING THE JRTC & FORT POLK GUARDIAN THE Home of Heroes @ Fort Polk, LA Nov. 1, 2019 Vol. 46, No.44 Weekend weather Today Saturday Sunday 58 60 60 40 0% 0% 0% 38 41 Rain chance Rain chance Rain chance Inside the Guardian Clearing burns ............ 3 Joint ops .................... 5 Polk justice ................ 6 Moving wall ................ 9 Cof fee with cops ........ 10 Ren fest time ............. 14 CHUCK CANNON / GUARDIAN Please see ACFT , page 7 Fort Polk sets pace for ACFT implementation By CHUCK CANNON Command information officer Soldiers with Fort Polk’s 519th Military Police Battalion take the Army’s new Army Combat FitnessTest during a train-the trainer class in January. By the end of November, every Fort Polk Soldier will have taken the ACFT, an entire training quarter before the second quarter fiscal year 2020 guideline set by the Army.