Fort Polk Guardian 11-22-2019

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Bradford Keith Houin Staff writers Editorial Offices Building 4919, Magnolia Street Fort Polk, LA 71459-5060 Voice (337) 531-4033 Fax (337) 531-1401 Email: Trading post ads: Fort Polk Homepage Advertising For advertising contact (337) 404-7242 Email: In our view Guardian staff asked Fort Polk community members, “With all the new holiday movie releases coming out, what are you most excited to see?” Here are their responses: Shaun Williams: "BlackWidow and Eternals. I’m curious to witness what phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in store. I’m anxious to learn why the Eter- nals are on Earth and did not join the fight againstThanos." Shelby Chautin: "Frozen II. I loved the first one and the songs are really catchy." Lisa Skinner: "I want to see Midway. Seems like it will be a historical piece." Erica Vandermeer: "I want to see A Beau- tiful Day in the Neigh- borhood. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and it will be interest- ing to learn more about him.” Command Sgt. Maj. Bass and I would like to wish each Joint Readi- ness Training Center and Fort Polk Soldiers, Airmen, Families, Depart- ment of the Army civilians, guests and local neighbors a Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful that this year for Thanksgiving, the majority of our Soldiers are here at Fort Polk: 32nd Hospital Cen- ter returned last week from the National Training Cen- ter; the 519th Military Police Battalion re- cently re- turned from Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia; Soldiers from the 524th Firefighter Detachment recently re- turned from Romania and Bulgaria; and multiple 353rd Infantry Regi- ment Soldiers have returned from deployments to Afghanistan. After all the time you have been deployed or working within a de- manding unit’s operational tempo, we encourage you to relax and enjoy your well-deserved Thanksgiving here in the United States — watch the parades on television, have a great Thanksgiving meal either in the Patriot Inn Dining Facility or a home cooked meal surrounded by Family (or both — PT hard next week!); and enjoy the great Ameri- can tradition of watching football games after Thanksgiving dinner. JRTC and Fort Polk still has Sol- diers that remain forward deployed; let’s all remember the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Divi- sion Soldiers deployed on the South- west Border; the Operations Group Soldiers deployed in Kuwait and Afghanistan; and Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, Qatar and Hon- duras. The Fort Polk Families of each of these deployed Soldiers are sacrific- ing sharing the traditions of Thanks- giving so that our Nation can remain safe. We look forward to the return of each of our deployed Soldiers. A special Thanksgiving welcome this year to 4,800 Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division that are with us here at JRTC for the current 2/4ID rotation. These Warhorse Soldiers are building readiness throughout their formation and continue to bring the fight to Geronimo. It is great to share an Army Thanksgiving in the field with the 4th Infantry Division. Thank you for all that each of you do — from building readiness for our Army during JRTC rotations to ensuring your globally deployable formation is fully prepared to be on point for the Nation. On this uniquely American holi- day, we wish the entire JRTC and Fort Polk Team a Happy Thanksgiv- ing! FORGING THE WARRIOR SPIRIT! HOME OF HEROES Brig. Gen. Patrick D. Frank, com- manding general, JRTC and Fort Polk Command Sgt. Maj. David W. Bass, JRTC and Fort Polk command sergeant major CG, CSM wish Polk team HappyThanksgiving Frank For advertising contact Theresa Larue il: l l i .