Fort Polk Guardian 11-30-2018

NewScope NewACP hours The Fort Polk Directorate of Emergency Services has changed the weekend and Sat- urday hours of operation for access control point 5, La. Hwy 467 South and La. Hwy 10. Beginning Jan. 13, ACP 5 is closed Sun- days and Saturday hours have changed to 8 am.-3 p.m. Other access control point hours are: • ACP 1, main gate, Louisiana Avenue, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. • ACP 2, University Parkway, La. Hwy 476 North, open 5 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed weekends and fed- eral holidays. • ACP 3, Mill Creek Road, closed. • ACP 4, Lookout Road and La. Hwy 10, closed. • ACP 6, Chaffee Road at North Fort housing, open 5 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed weekends and fed- eral holidays. • ACP 7, K Avenue and Alligator Lake, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. • ACP 8, Artillery Road and K Avenue, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week only during rotations in support of the Joint Readiness Training Center. For more information call 531-2677. Abandoned vehicles The Directorate of Emergency Services Traffic Section will release the following vehicles, boats and trailers to a towing company for disposal on Dec. 18 if they re- main unclaimed. Items are listed with the last four num- bers of their VIN. If one of these vehicles belongs to you please contact the Fort Polk Police Traffic Section at 531-1806/2677. 2006 Chevy Impala 4120 1999 Olds Delta 88 5892 1999 VW Jetta 2885 2001 Jeep Cherokee 7542 1977 Chevy 1500 0524 2010 Chevy Cavalier 8440 1999 Honda Civic 0284 2005 Pontiac Grand Am 2953 2001 Saturn 8648 UNKAstroglass 176Sk boat Briefs Guardian Nov. 30, 2018 /3 FORT POLK, La. — If you’ve been around the military for any length of time, you know that as Thanksgiving Day approaches, most installations host some type of program through the post chapels to financially assist those who might need a helping hand with preparing a holiday meal. While Fort Polk is no different from other Army posts, the end result of this year’s Opera- tion Helping Hand almost seems like, well, a hol- iday miracle. “The money typically comes from the chaplain tithes and offering fund,” said Lt. Col. Derrick Riggs, Fort Polk garrison chaplain. “While we had some money (in the chaplain tithes and of- fering fund) that we could use, we didn’t know how many families were going to request help.” Riggs said he didn’t want the names of those requesting assistance, just numbers. “I told them, ‘I don’t want names. Let the NCOs handle the names. All we need to know is how many,’” he said. Riggs said the numbers trickled in and with about two weeks left before the suspense date, the total stood at 217. But over those last two weeks the total nearly doubled, to 404. “We’re began looking at the amount of money and knew we were going to be short,” Riggs said. “I did not want us to have to turn anyone away.” When asked by the installation chief of staff if there was an order of merit list to determine who received assistance in the event there were not enough funds to go around, Riggs said he replied: “Sir, I hope and pray that we don’t get to the point where we have to have an order of merit list — that would mean we didn’t have enough money or food.” At the time Riggs made that statement, $14,000 had been raised — a nice sum, but not enough to feed 404 Families. Then, what can only be described as a holiday miracle or, as Riggs suggested, Families caring for those less fortunate, happened — over four days the total collected grew to nearly $19,000 and 600 pounds of donated food. “There were about 100 $50 gift cards donated; we added money from the tithes and offering fund; we had a gentleman walk in and write us a check for $4,000, the Fort Polk Thrift Store gave money, the commissary gave us money. Within the last three days we went from $14,000 to al- most $19,000.” Thanks to the garrison food drive, 30 boxes of food were given to Families. By CHUCK CANNON Guardian editor Riggs encouraged by Fort Polk community Please see Hand , page 8 FORT POLK, La. — The Fort Polk Directorate of Emergency Services reminds residents and those who work on or visit the installation that there are rules for possessing a privately owned weapon on the Fort Polk military reservation and Toledo Bend Recreation Site. Privately owned weapons or firearms, must be registered on post if they are to be brought on the installation for any reason, including, but not limited to the following: Sales, hunting, use at Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation ranges, and exhibitions. The requirement applies whether the weapons are loaded or unloaded, regardless of ammuni- tion availability. This includes rifles, handguns, black powder weapons and historical firearms that may be part of a collection. Personnel residing on Fort Polk have five busi- ness days from the time of arrival or acquisition of the firearm to register it with the Visitors Con- trol Center, located just outside of access control point 1, Fort Polk’s main gate on Louisiana Av- enue. Visitors and guests of Fort Polk must register their firearms prior to entering the installation re- gardless of the reason for access. Army and Air Force Exchange Service cus- tomers that purchase a firearm must fill out Fort Polk Form 563 at the time of sale. The form is proof of registration for five days, giving the buyer the opportunity to either remove the weapon from the installation or formally register it with the Visitor Control Center. Active-duty military and Family members must complete FP Form 563, have their company commander approve the form, and then turn it in to the Visitors Control Center to complete the registration process. Department of the Army civilians and non-res- idents must complete FP Form 563 and turn it in to the Visitors Control Center. The following are prohibited from registering firearms on Fort Polk: • Any person convicted of a felony; • Any person convicted of a crime covered by the Lautenberg Amendment to the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, as amended in 1996; • Any person who is a fugitive of justice.; • Any person convicted for possession, use or sale of drugs; • Any person who is presently declared as mentally incompetent; and • Any civilian or Family member under the age of 18. Remember, before transporting a weapon on Fort Polk: • The weapon must be registered; • Weapons and ammunition must be trans- ported separately; • You must have proof of registration (FP Form 563); and • Concealed carry is prohibited. For more information call the installation Visi- tors Control Center at 531-0380. Post weapon possession rules explained DES