Fort Polk Guardian 12-28-2018

ACP holiday hours The Fort Polk Directorate of Emergency Services announces the following hours for the in- stallation Visitor Control Center and access control points during the New Years Day holdiay: • Monday VCC closed. ACPs 1 and 7 open 24 hours. ACPs 2, 5 and 6 closed. • Tuesday VCC closed. ACPs 1 and 7 open 24 hours.  ACPs 2, 5 and 6 closed. • Wednesday VCC open 24 hours. ACPs 1 and 7 open 24 hours.  ACPs 2, 5 and 6 open 5 a.m.-9 p.m. For more information call 531-2677. Walking challenge The 10K a Day 90 Day Team Walking Challenge kicks off Jan. 21. The event is hosted by Bayne- Jones Army Community Hospi- tal and open to organizations across the installation.Join a team and meet your personal goal of walking 10,000 steps every day and beyond. Teams are forming on Eventbrite at www.10k_a_day _day . Briefs Guardian Dec.28, 2018 /3 FORT POLK, La. — The holiday season is upon us and so is that good food we might consume. I know we often hear people talk about getting in shape as a New Year’s Resolution after the holidays, but do we have to wait until that time?  What about doing something now and engaging in an exercise that needs no gym membership, special equipment (just comfortable shoes) or extensive training?  I am referring to an exercise that has one of the lowest dropout rates.  Have you figured out the name of this exercise? If you said walking, then you are right.  Now can be the time to walk this way and walk your way to feeling good and better health.  As the holi- days come rolling around and cool- er temperatures come creeping in, now is a good time to showcase the benefits of this easy exercise and have fun in the process. Someone once said that walking can add years to your life as well as life to your years. People have been participating in this exercise for years.  Walking has many benefits: It has been known to help condition heart and lungs; burn calories while pro- viding less stress on the joints; help in building some of the leg muscles; and can possibly enhance a sense of well-being, creative thoughts and improve a person’s mood.  Additionally, I have seen a few people who consistently walk in- crease their lean body mass around their mid-section. I can testify about some of these things because it has worked for me.   I can go on and on about the nu- merous benefits of walking, but let me add that walking can be easy, healthy and fun.   If someone is starting on a walk- ing program and have not worked out for a while, then I suggest they consult with a medical professional. Here are a few tips to consider when walking: • Find comfortable and support- ive shoes. • Walk on the treadmill at a near- by fitness center or local high school track.  • Walk dur- ing short breaks, lunch or after dinner. • Park fur- ther away from the store, school or work. •If you have  a dog, walk it a few times a day. • Take the stairs instead of the el- evator. • Walk a few laps when visiting your local mall. • Walk  around the block of your neighborhood. • Walk during business or friend- ly meetings if appropriate and weather allows. • Walk by joining a walking group or club.   These are just a few examples on the numerous ways to take advan- tage of walking. You should warm- ing up for a few minutes prior to your walk and follow up with a cool down. So, get ready, get set and begin by setting your physical body in mo- tion and experience the joy of walk- ing and “walk this way” for fun, health and wellness. By KEVIN STUART BJACH ombudsman Commentary Walking program great way to start new year